Membership and Registration

 Becoming a member of the Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse Association is a positive way in which the public can help us fund the re-location, care and upkeep of these horses. Members receive regular meeting notices, Members Newsletters, programs that include Heritage Horse classes and updates plus details of horses available to purchase as they become available. For any further information regarding becoming a member of the Association, please contact the Secretary, Erica Jessup on  (02)66 575 342.

Membership runs from 1st July to 30th June annually.


Scale of Fees as of January 2014



Joint Membership                                                           $60.00  (1 VOTE)

Single Membership                                                         $50.00  (1 VOTE)

Associate Membership                                                  $10.00  (NO VOTE, NO PREFIX)

Stud Prefix Fee                                                               $10.00

Annual Return                                                                  $20.00

Late Fee                                                                          $30.00


For registration information please phone our registrar Erica Jessup on (02)66 575 342


Stallion                                                                           $100.00

Mare                                                                               $15.00

Gelding                                                                          $15.00

Foal Recording                                                             $10.00

Upgrade to Mare or Gelding                                       $5.00

Part Bred                                                                       $10.00



Under 30 Days                                                              $25.00

Over 30 Days                                                                $60.00


The GFHHA offers direct deposit for all membership and registration payments as well as purchases. Our banking details can be found on the Bank Details tab of the Sales page.Printable Membership and Registration forms can be viewed on the below links. Please print, fill in the details and forward to the Secretary at PO Box 442 Dorrigo NSW 2453

Print: Membership form